Sherry suffered reef cuts while surfing in Maui. After five weeks of failed antibiotics and seeing three different doctors, Sherry saw no real change in her infection. Her daughter-in-law in Australia sent her a link to Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy (now Tier I Therapy Centers). Sherry was able to get into the chamber quickly, underwent five hyperbaric treatments and, “voila!.” After those five sessions, her wound was healed and she was getting back in the water to surf in a contest the very next weekend!


Hyperoxygenation of the tissues enhances the killing of bacteria and is critical in curing deep seated infections. By going under pressure, oxygen is forced to dissolve into the plasma and get to the injured areas, saturating hypoxic tissue, muscle, and bone. This forces the inflammation to go down and the growth of new blood vessels forcing accelerated healing, which reduces bruising, swelling and pain. Increased oxygen also stimulates stem cells and reduces lactic acid.

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Watch Sherry’s story!

Hyperbaric for Chronic Infection