Sabrina was in a motor vehicle accident, causing a traumatic brain injury. Since the crash Sabrina couldn’t focus well and her memory was impaired. After 40 hyperbaric treatments, Sabrina gained her memory back, was able to have a conversation without having to pause and think about her next words and processing the information she received. 


We know that the brain needs oxygen to survive and function properly, right? Brain trauma limits the flow of oxygen to the injured part of the brain causing cell damage. HBOT floods the cells with oxygen, forcing it into the plasma allowing them to thrive and revive. 


Recent research has shown that cells can be revived with 100% pressurized oxygen. SPECT imaging, computer-based cognitive assessments, self-assessments and QEEG conducted pre and post therapy show the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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Using Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury