Dale had a positive attitude when he arrived at Hampton Roads Hyperbaric despite the long list of health issues he needed to address. He had been living with these ailments for years, not unlike many other veterans today.

Dale dealt with the fall-out from mild traumatic brain injury and other service-related issues. He had constant anxiety and depression which played a huge factor in his every day life.  Dale also experienced pain, cognitive decline,  insomnia and other things that robbed him of living the life he wanted to live the way he wanted to live it.

Dale’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy was funded by the amazing folks at Coastal Authority Care Foundation, an incredible organization dedicated to helping heal the invisible wounds of war.

Dale’s experience and recovery is a testament to his own dedication and tenacity combined with support from people who care deeply. They say it take a village to raise a child… well, it takes a country to heal a veteran.

Listen to Dale tell his story!