HBOT is helping people find relief during and after COVID


Tessa was dealing with the fall-out from contracting COVID for a year. She had difficulty breathing, chronic fatigue, weakness. Her symptoms prevented her from living her “normal” life. She stayed home, had limited activity and was not enjoying life as she used to. She was afraid she’d never recover. Then Tessa found out about using hyperbaric oxygen therapy through an online forum.  She did her research and found Hampton Roads Hyperbaric in Norfolk, VA.

Watch her story now.


People in our community are struggle to recover from COVID. Persistent post-COVID symptoms that our patients experience before undergoing HBOT are chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, cognitive decline, prolonged decrease in taste and smell, inflammatory arthritis and more.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is helping patients find relief by decreasing the inflammatory response in the body and increasing the anti-bacterial functioning. The oxygen-rich environment  helps saturate oxygen deprived cells so that they may revitalize and begin to function more regularly while mobilizing stem cells to proliferate through-out the body helping accelerate healing.

HBOT is safe and effective with few side-effects that would prevent patients from participating in the very helpful therapy.

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