ADD and Chronic Pain

Terry came to Hampton Roads Hyperbaric seeking to improve her cognition associated with Attention Deficit Disorder and relief from chronic pain. Prior to treatment, Terry had chest pains hourly. After 40 sessions she stopped having chest pains completely. Terry has gained her focus and short term memory back. 

HBOT works to treat ADD naturally by increasing blood flow to the brain with 100% pressurized oxygen, which gets rid of the toxins allowing for healthy tissues to restore. Research shows that neuro-inflammation is one of the factors of ADD. HBOT has been shown to reduce inflammation allowing the brain to do its job. 

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Hyperbaric oxygen used for ADD and chronic pain


Post COVID Recovery

May had COVID in September of 2022 and has not been feeling her normal energy level ever since then. A few days into the acute symptom phase, her pulse oxygen level got down to 77 and she felt like she couldn’t breath. May is a personal trainer and considers herself a healthy person, works out every day and is very particular about her diet.

May heard about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and that it had helped people with post COVID symptoms and she knew she had to investigate this therapy right away. After her first session, May says she feels like she was getting better and better after each session.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 30% of the 5.5 million patients hospitalized with COVID-19 since August 2020 are suffering from long COVID syndrome, also known as long-haul COVID or post COVID conditions. Doctors and clinics around the globe are starting to look at hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a way to combat post COVID 19 syndrome due to its proven anti-inflammatory effects.

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Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans

More than 450,000 veterans and active duty military have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury since 2000. Travis suffered two traumatic brain injuries while on active duty and now suffers from post concussion syndrome. 

Travis says it has caused a tremendous amount of turmoil in his life between aggression, concentration and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression.

Travis contacted Tier I Therapy Centers (formerly Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy) and noticed a huge improvement in his symptoms and performing activities of everyday life.

When neurons are “idling” from traumatic brain injury, they are not receiving the oxygen they need to send the proper signals our body needs for normal functioning. Giving 100% oxygen with 2 to 3 atmospheres of pressure delivers 20 times the amount of oxygen to the tissues more than if you were breathing room air (21%) under normal living conditions. This provides immediate help to ischemic and compromised tissue with marginal blood flow. HBOT floods the cells with oxygen, forcing it into the plasma allowing them to thrive and revive. 

Recent research has shown that cells can be revived with 100% pressurized oxygen. SPECT imaging, computer-based cognitive assessments, self-assessments and QEEG conducted pre and post therapy show the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

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Joyce developed sudden neuropathic pain and numbness after being prescribed medication. With no prior history of neuropathy, Joyce was unable to drive, go anywhere alone, and she has difficulty standing and walking. After being told her side effects would most likely be permanent, Joyce decided to seek alternative treatment and found hyperbaric oxygen. Watch her story and see how she is doing today!

HBOT is an effective treatment for neuropathy by driving oxygen deep into tissues, reviving cells and reducing pain symptoms. Hyperbaric stimulates the growth of new blood cells, allowing the body to increase effective oxygen and nutrient delivery. Hyperbaric uses 100% pure oxygen to allow the body to heal in a healthy and natural way.


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Parkinson’s Disease

Shirly had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1995 and had tried all of the traditional treatment options, changing her diet, taking a hand-full of medications with side effects. She was faced with the news that she’d soon have to be in a wheelchair. Shirley came into Hampton Roads Hyperbaric struggling with speech and balance. After 40 sessions, Shirley could hold a conversation and was able to play golf and go on walks again!

HBOT decreases inflammation and stimulates the growth of new, healthy blood cells. Research suggests that neurological outcomes by increasing enzymes in the body that protect cells and prevent neuronal damage. In Parkinson’s patients, HBOT decreases depression, anxiety, and tremors.

Here’s Shirley’s Story:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease


Traumatic Brain Injury

Sabrina was in a motor vehicle accident, causing a traumatic brain injury. Since the crash Sabrina couldn’t focus well and her memory was impaired. After 40 hyperbaric treatments, Sabrina gained her memory back, was able to have a conversation without having to pause and think about her next words and processing the information she received. 


We know that the brain needs oxygen to survive and function properly, right? Brain trauma limits the flow of oxygen to the injured part of the brain causing cell damage. HBOT floods the cells with oxygen, forcing it into the plasma allowing them to thrive and revive. 


Recent research has shown that cells can be revived with 100% pressurized oxygen. SPECT imaging, computer-based cognitive assessments, self-assessments and QEEG conducted pre and post therapy show the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


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Using Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury


Wound Healing

Sherry suffered reef cuts while surfing in Maui. After five weeks of failed antibiotics and seeing three different doctors, Sherry saw no real change in her infection. Her daughter-in-law in Australia sent her a link to Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy (now Tier I Therapy Centers). Sherry was able to get into the chamber quickly, underwent five hyperbaric treatments and, “voila!.” After those five sessions, her wound was healed and she was getting back in the water to surf in a contest the very next weekend!


Hyperoxygenation of the tissues enhances the killing of bacteria and is critical in curing deep seated infections. By going under pressure, oxygen is forced to dissolve into the plasma and get to the injured areas, saturating hypoxic tissue, muscle, and bone. This forces the inflammation to go down and the growth of new blood vessels forcing accelerated healing, which reduces bruising, swelling and pain. Increased oxygen also stimulates stem cells and reduces lactic acid.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you get back in the game now. To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for healing chronic wounds, call 757-452-3934.

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Hyperbaric for Chronic Infection


Former baseball player and Hampton Roads resident using HBOT to accelerate recovery

News Channel 3 Features Brock Peterson’s Road to Recovery That Includes Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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News Channel 3, WTKR features Brock Peterson’s Story

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. We’ve all experienced it! Brock Peterson has recently had to deal with quite a curve ball after a freak accident in July rendered him paralyzed from the chest down.

After leaving the hospital (including 17 days in ICU) Brock immediately attended the Shepherd Center in Atlanta to help him on his road to recovery. Upon return to Hampton Roads, he continues to work hard to get “back to normal”.

Brock is currently attending therapy at ODU and now receiving hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) here at Hampton Roads Hyperbaric in Norfolk. He is now starting to see an increase in both strength and mobility. He has just started to move his finger and can now raise his arms over his head. HBOT plays a key role in accelerating recovery by enabling 100% healing oxygen to damaged cells, increasing stem cell mobility and decreasing inflammation.

Brock is truly an inspiration. His positive attitude cannot be overlooked, coupled with his determination and dedication, doctors are saying now that a full recovery is possible.

Stay tuned as we post more as Brock continues on his road to recovery.

To support Brock’s recovery, go to his Gofundme page: Support Brock’s Recovery. Click here.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Chronic Fatigue and Thyroid Condition

Nikki experienced chronic fatigue for quite sometime, then she was diagnosed with Hoshimoto’s Thyroid Disease. She tried changes in diet, exercise but nothing seemed to provide any lasting relief.

After being frustrated and disappointed, Nikki, turned to online research to find alternative treatment options. She started reading about HBOT and how it is effective in helping with many autoimmune conditions. Her research indicated that breathing 100% oxygen under pressure allows your body to carry and use much more oxygen in a very effective manner. When your blood carries this extra oxygen throughout your body, it helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

After completing 20 hyperbaric sessions, Nikki’s fatigue decreased tremendously. The pain and heaviness in her arms and body subsided and she felt like she was getting “back to her normal self”.


Navy veteran makes a life-saving choice with support from local non-profit

Dale had a positive attitude when he arrived at Hampton Roads Hyperbaric despite the long list of health issues he needed to address. He had been living with these ailments for years, not unlike many other veterans today.

Dale dealt with the fall-out from mild traumatic brain injury and other service-related issues. He had constant anxiety and depression which played a huge factor in his every day life.  Dale also experienced pain, cognitive decline,  insomnia and other things that robbed him of living the life he wanted to live the way he wanted to live it.

Dale’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy was funded by the amazing folks at Coastal Authority Care Foundation, an incredible organization dedicated to helping heal the invisible wounds of war.

Dale’s experience and recovery is a testament to his own dedication and tenacity combined with support from people who care deeply. They say it take a village to raise a child… well, it takes a country to heal a veteran.

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