Neurofeedback for Depression and Rumination

Neurotherapy is being used across the world to treat many different physiological and psychological issues. At Hampton Roads Hyperbaric, we use neurotherapy, including neurofeedback and biofeedback, to treat conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTS, ASD and cognitive decline.

A recently published article sites the benefit of neurofeedback to reduce depressive symptoms.

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Neurofeedback for Depression and Rumination

Patient finally finds relief after burn injury

Chris suffered from burns to his feet that created terrible nerve pain. He as unable to stand on his feet, experienced constant pain and was unable to go back to work. Chris tried many therapies but nothing seemed to work. After refusing to believe that he would have to live in constant pain, he found his way to Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy.

After Chris was cleared by Dr. Steckler, he participated in 40 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions. After about the 22nd session Chris’s pain started to greatly decrease. By the end of his treatment, his pain was almost gone and he was cleared to go back to work.

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