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Owner, Director of Programs

About Sarah:

I have spent the last 8 years of my life treating over three thousand patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT); it sounds crazy, but this is my purpose in life. When you see people walk in to the clinic empty, alone, numb, hopeless that anything will ever help them, you want to do whatever you can to help. Then, when you see them start walking again for the first time in years, improve their speech, start socializing again, mend their broken relationships, become headache free, sleep 8 hours a day and literally get their lives back, it affects you at your core. That is what motivates me to keep fighting for this treatment 8 years after I first got involved.

After taking several college courses at 19 years old, I could not figure out what I wanted to be “when I grew up”; accountant, chef, marine biologist, or zoologist, I was changing my mind every week. A commercial for dive school kept catching my eye and I decided to go see what it was all about. “There are not many women in this industry,” said the school recruiter. “This is hard physical work.” Not having a tough bone in my body, I decided to commit to the one year course to be a commercial diver anyway.

After a year and a half constantly being offshore, the only thing I enjoyed about my job was operating the hyperbaric chamber as a dive medic to treat divers with decompression sickness.

I found a local clinic that used hyperbaric chambers for patients and asked if I could volunteer . After having proven myself, I was offered a full time job as a hyperbaric technician. As my good fortune would have it, I was working with one of the greatest pioneers of hyperbaric medicine, Dr. Paul Harch. I worked alongside Dr. Harch, and Dr. Keith Van Meter in Louisiana developing my knowledge base and learning more about research.

As I learned more about hyperbaric medicine, I knew I needed to round out my experience in other hyperbaric settings and decided to make the move from Louisiana to DC to work in the hospital setting. It was definitely a different experience. I found myself longing to be back in the private clinic setting.

I found an opportunity to be part of the launch team for a clinic in North Carolina that would give me the experience on the business side of hyperbaric and the opportunity to get back to the private clinic setting, so I made the move. I learned how to launch and market a new hyperbaric business and got to be a huge part in helping people again, which was what I loved most. Sadly, we just could not sustain the business. Once again, I was on the move.

I chose an opportunity in Norfolk Virginia in a small clinic in April of 2013, the clinic I now own.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to shape the future of hyperbaric medicine and ensure that people from all walks of life, with myriad health issues can have access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

Owner, CEO

About CM:

Cara Mae Melton is a dynamic executive who has been applying expertise in business oversight, strategy, operations and development over the last 17 years for early stage and start up organizations. She is an innovator and entrepreneur focused on solving consumer and business problems through the creation and delivery of inventive interventions, products and solutions.

Melton has held C-level roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations. She started and/or ran multiple companies in the legal, health and military verticals. She is the co-founder and CEO of CareConscious, LLC, co-founder and President of Heal the Warriors, Inc. and co-owner and CEO of Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy, Inc. Melton is also a founding board member of the National Hyperbaric Association and provides consultation for multiple companies regarding product strategy and development.

Melton has held C-level positions at Lawinfo.com, Inc., now a Thompson Reuters company, (8.5 yrs.), America’s Mighty Warriors (1.5 yrs.), and Idavatars (1 yr).

Melton served in the US Navy for 5.5 years and was trained as a Naval Instructor (and master training specialist). She holds a BS in Business Management, attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and held real estate licenses in New York and Virginia.

Melton remains a passionate advocate and change agent for caregivers, our troops suffering from traumatic brain injury and those who desire simple access to effective tools that advance purposeful, meaningful living.

Cert. Hyperbaric Technician, Massage Therapist
Director of Business Development

Nick Baggett is a retired SEAL with 28 years’ active duty service. He is now serving as the Director of Business Development for Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy.

Nick retired in 2013 with  disabling illness/injuries causing severe neurological problems. When he could not find satisfactory explanations or a diagnosis that matched all of his disabilities through conventional medicine, he set out to find the answers himself.  The deeper he looked the more other Special Operation Forces (SOF) people he found that were all looking for answers that conventional medicine could not explain. All of these SOF men had friends who had committed suicide due to their neurological injuries. They all refused to become another veteran statistic but didn’t know where to start.

Nick found Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy. HRHT proved to be a turning point in his recovery. He no longer wears leg braces, his severe cognitive problems declined, his double vision disappeared, he no longer falls every few steps due to balance problems, he completes full sentences, and he has become more emotionally stable. Nick has been able to wean off most of his medications and his incontinence problems are history. He was able to regain his quality of life and it is full of hope for those who are seeking answers for mystery illnesses and neurological problems.

In addition, he discovered that often, many Fire Fighters, police and First responders, share a common set of injuries due to absence of neurological function. Many of these issues result in the destruction of the family unit, addiction, miss-diagnosis, over medication, depression and suicide. It is his personal quest to help find solutions for these problems of Epidemic proportion. Not only for these communities but for many other civilians who suffer from similar problems without answers.
Nick is an Alumni of the Honor Foundation. He is a local business owner in Virginia Beach (7650), and is currently attaining a degree in Emergency Medical Services. He serves as the Veteran Wellness Center of Hampton Roads Executive Director and is the Founder of the Lewis Baggett Always Faithful Foundation. He has written Neuro Fusion work-out program and authored, Blind Navigator, a game which focuses on improving the physical ability, team work and self-esteem for disabled Veterans and Civilians. Nick is excited to work as the Director of Business Development for Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy and looks forward to connecting other patients, along with forward thinking medical professionals with Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy.

Master of Acupuncture, Master Massage Therapist
Hyperbaric Physician

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