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Hyperbaric therapy and hyperbaric chambers have been used for literally centuries to help improve the body's ability to heal itself. Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy, Inc. has been located in the Renova Center in the thriving Neon Arts District of Downtown Norfolk since 2012. Cara Mae Melton and Sarah Stoltman purchased the business in January 2015 with a vow to create awareness of and access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy as a natural way to heal. They immediately insisted on turning the company into a benefit corporation as a public statement of their dedication to helping the community. Since then they have treated thousands of patients, helped repair thousands of lives and brought together thousands of families. They continue to incorporate the latest and practices and protocols to constantly improve results and the HBOT experience. Everything they do is in pursuit of creating the best outcomes for each and every patient that walks through the door.

HBOT is breathing 100% oxygen at simulated depths below sea level in order to bring healing oxygen to the cells that need it. Under pressure, 100% is able to permeate beyond the red bloods into the plasma and tissue to reach deep into areas where injury, illness or disease have compromised. Not only does the oxygen travel through the plasma it also diffuses into the surrounding tissue three times farther. HBOT enables processes in the body such as angiogenesis, neuroplasticity, and stem cell mobilization. It helps reduce inflammation and reduce infection.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is affecting many people right here in our community. In order to continue to be a useful and natural source for recovery and improvement, Hampton Roads Hyperbaric, Inc has started to focus on recovery for persistent post COVID symptoms. If you have been COVID and since been dealing with persistent breathing, fatigue or pain symptoms, and/ or if you've been diagnosed with ME or CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), we may be able to help.
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Cara Mae Melton is passionate about helping people live their best lives. She is a dynamic executive who has been applying expertise in business oversight, strategy, operations and development over the last 20 years for early stage and start up organizations. She is an innovator and entrepreneur focused on solving consumer and business problems through the creation and delivery of inventive interventions, products and solutions. Cara Mae has held C-level roles in for profit and nonprofit organizations. She started and/or ran multiple companies in the legal, health and military verticals. She is the co-founder and CEO of CareConscious, LLC, co-founder and President of Heal the Warriors, Inc. and co-owner and CEO of Hampton Roads Hyperbaric Therapy, Inc. and Tidewater Hyperbaric, LLC. Melton is also a principle in Ripple Group, Inc., founding board member of the National Hyperbaric Association and provides consultation for multiple companies regarding product strategy and development. Cara Mae is a runner, tennis player and mother of 3 incredible children.

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I have spent the last 10 years of my life treating over three thousand patients with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT); it sounds crazy, but this is my purpose in life. When you see people walk in to the clinic empty, alone, numb, hopeless that anything will ever help them, you want to do whatever you can to help. Then, when you see them start walking again for the first time in years, improve their speech, start socializing again, mend their broken

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